Emergency Medical Dispatcher Training Requirements

EMDs in Illinois require a minimum 48 hours of CME every four years in order to recertify. IDPH leaves the breakdown of those hours up to the local EMS systems.

Effective May 2011, for EMDs scheduled to recertify on or after May 2015 in the Silver Cross EMS system, you are required to complete the following as part of your 48 hours:

  • 8 hours of flip-chart review (4 hours every two years).
  • 8 hours of CPR recertification (4 hour recertification class every two years).
  • Combination CPR and flip-chart reviews are held several times during the year.

Making Up Hours

Optional ways to make up the remaining 32 required hours include, but are not limited to:

  • System-provided CME Powerpoint presentations and accompanying study guides (2 hours per packet, 5 packets per year).
  • NIMS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700 and 800 classes relative to dispatch (print certificate for verification.
  • Ride time with a local EMS agency. You will receive one hour per individual patient contact, up to 4 patient contact hours (in other words: no calls, no hours). You must turn a signed preceptor sheet into your agency coordinator to get credit for ride-time.
  • ER Clinical Time provides hour for hour CE. Time must be scheduled with the Education Coordinator at Silver Cross EMS.
  • EMD special interest classes offered by JJC and/or Will County 9-1-1.
  • Teaching an EMD course allows for one (1) hour of CE for every two (2) hours spent teaching.
  • Auditing an EMD, First Responder or EMT-B class allows for hour for hour credit. Topic must be license appropriate.
  • Other CME options to be approved by the system on a case-by-case basis.

EMD’s who also work as paramedics or EMT-B’s are only required to complete the flip-chart review and CPR recertification requirements. Your medic or EMT CME will cover the rest of your EMD recertification.

Go to www.silvercrossems.org/EMDce.htm to print sheets to track your CME hours. When recertification time arrives, you agency coordinator will forward a copy of this sheet and any other certificates of completion into the Silver Cross EMS System Coordinator. You may also access preceptor sheets at the above noted website.

For more information or questions on EMD CME requirements, please contact the Silver Cross EMSS office at 815-300-2900, or Terri DeSonia/Will County 911 at 725-7860.

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